Why is WST Community so special?

A variety of weight loss plans and groups exist out there. Many work, but our members feel these points are what has made WST Communtiy so successful in such a short period of time:

• Our community, we’re all in it together.

• We’re learning to enjoy fresh whole foods and we’re doing it without feeling hungry and without missing out on our snacks and treats.

• We’re following a plan that is super easy to stick to and with our calorie bonus allowance we can have whatever we want on our treat day. This allows us to enjoy social occasions without worry or panic.

• We’re educating ourselves, we have weekly classes on nutrition, cooking and how to live better. Our consultants have experienced varying degrees of obesity and either hold a Diploma in Food & Nutrition or are studying for one, giving our members confidence that the consultant has walked their path.

• We don’t judge, we all have bad weeks including our consultants. We understand how life works and we’ll help get you back on track without making you feel embarrassed or ashamed.