The scales aren’t everything

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Stepping onto the scales used to be make or break for Catrina Campbell.

A loss was of course a win, but any gains, however small, meant she would beat herself up for days.

This constant battle, measuring your worth through the numbers on the scale took its toll.

But that all changed when Catrina joined WST.

“I’d been following WST online for about a year and a half. Going back and forth thinking about joining but never being brave enough to actually take the leap.

“I didn’t have the confidence, having tried and failed with diets and groups before. But for some reason one Friday I plucked up the courage and reached out to WST Consultant Catherine Kidd.”

Catherine’s reassuring response gave Catrina the courage she needed and she joined her first group the following Monday.

“Walking into that room was the best decision I ever made. I’d never been able to stick to diets before, I felt like I was constantly hitting a brick wall and yet here I was starting again filled with hope that this would be different.”

Catrina joined WST just before lockdown started, but even in the few weeks she spent at group she felt welcomed, supported and part of the community that WST prides itself on.

“Everything just clicked. The plan made sense and I realised that this wasn’t a diet. This was about making real, long-term lifestyle changes.

“I don’t feel that same dread stepping onto the scales, they don’t control my mood. My whole mindset has changed and I am now healthier, feel better than I ever have and the weight is and will continue to come off.”

Catrina has lost nearly 3 stones and is sleeping better, has more energy and is feeling like she has her life and health under control.

“The amazing thing is that I’ve lost most of my weight during lockdown. I’ve been able to focus on myself, get to understand WST and access all the support and advice I need through the online groups and live zoom calls.

“There is always someone on hand when you have questions, need a boost or just want to chat about your journey and that’s what makes WST different. I’m part of a community of amazing people all helping each other and at a time like this that has never felt more important.”

Catrina is a member of WST Online