Sonya Founder We Slim Together

Sonya Before We Slim TogetherFor years Sonya McAllister, 40, and a mum of 3 from Randalstown was a “prisoner” inside her own body.  But now, after losing 7.5st, she’s turned her inspirational journey into a business and more importantly support network for thousands of people across the UK, Ireland and further a field.

At her heaviest Sonya was nearly 21.5st, the weight had piled on following her struggle with severe post-natal depression after the birth of her second child which left her unwell for almost four years.

“There was a point when I realised my life needed to change.  I was a prisoner inside my own body” said Sonya, adding: “The day I had to lift my leg as the fat on my thigh was nipping as I sat in the car and the seat belt was stretched to full extent was a trigger that made me ask myself what I would do if my body kept growing.”

As a result of her weight gain Sonya suffered from depression, low self-esteem and felt worthless.  She describes it as a “vicious circle, the lower I felt the more I ate – all the wrong things, at the wrong times”.

Shortly before having to leave the house to attend social occasions Sonya would suffer from panic attacks, eventually pulling out her usual black trousers and dark tunic in the hope of blending into the background.

A family wedding consolidated Sonya’s belief that changes had to be made. “When I arrived at the wedding I saw a lot of guests standing outside in pretty dresses, all in bright colours, I arrived looking like I was in mourning.  I suppose I was mourning for myself” she revealed.

Sonya After We Slim TogetherDespite having a supportive husband who told her loved her just the way she was Sonya was desperately unhappy with her body.  However, many of her friends and family didn’t know because she became “good at covering up” how she really felt.

At the beginning of her journey Sonya joined a local weight loss group for the weekly weigh in to keep her on the straight and narrow.  Within a few weeks she was researching everything she could about diet and nutrition and learning about food combinations and more.

Eventually the weight began dropping off and Sonya started sharing her journey on social media.

“Local people began to notice my results and asked me how I had done it so I began posting pictures on Facebook” she said.

Eventually her business We Slim Together was born from people following Sonya’s personal journey.  And the day she looked in the mirror and “liked what was looking back” was the point at which Sonya realised she’d turned her life around and there was no turning back.

Sonya and her growing team of consultants now support and mentor over 3,000 people, many of which are on a similar journey for weight loss, low self esteem or health related issues. Not one persons journey is the same but the WST community is there to support everyone in achieving their goals through wellbeing, support & training.

Are you ready to start your journey? Join Sonya and her team and achieve your goals.