No one likes to hear that they need to lose weight.#slimmingworld #weightwatchers

Especially not when it comes from your doctor.

For Debbie King the stark realisation that she had to do something or risk not having much-needed surgery was the push she needed to make radical changes in her life.

“To be honest it was a bit of a shock to hear that I might not be able to have surgery if I didn’t lose weight. I suppose I was in denial about my weight and hadn’t realised that I was much heavier than I thought.”

Debbie wasn’t quite ready to take the doctor’s advice and initially responded to the news by doing the exact opposite and binged for a bit and put on an additional stone.

“I knew I needed the surgery but I couldn’t seem to face the reality of what I needed to do.”

Following a further conversation with her GP, Debbie came to terms with her weight and the fact that if she didn’t change something she risked not being able to have her surgery.

Told that she needed to lose a minimum of 22lbs, Debbie decided to try WST, hopeful that this would be the right plan to secure her surgery place.

“I could write a book about all the diets I’ve tried over the years. You name it, I’ve tried it. So I knew that the plan I chose had to be different or else they would all go the same way as the rest.”

Joining in August 2019, Debbie found she had a bit of a slow start.

“It wasn’t like a flick of a switch. It didn’t happen like that for me. But as I got to know the plan, the weight started steadily coming off.

“And even better as a busy mum of three, I was able to incorporate WST fully into all our lives. There was no need to worry about cooking different meals for everyone as they all enjoyed the WST recipes!”

The plan was definitely working and unlike other times where she’d lost weight, this felt different.

“Some weeks I struggled, but I always knew that I had the support of the members at my group. We had the best craic together and a real bond that allowed us to share our struggles and cheer each other on.”

Debbie’s confidence grew with every passing week and she loved seeing the changes in her body and being able to buy a size smaller and smaller.

To date Debbie has lost 4 stone and is on course to reach her target weight in August.

“The doctor gave me the kick I needed to change my life. With WST I haven’t just lost weight, I’ve gained a new understanding of how to maintain a healthy relationship with food.”

Debbie is a member of Rathfern Group in Newtownabbey.